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Today we wanted to share some tips on a QN we recieved on our IG page @effortlesslyclassy. This is something that a lot of people struggle with, especially when it comes to shopping online.

One of the ladies asked,

QN. How to shop online and know it's good quality ad what textures are better to acquire than others. For example polymide texture to polyester texture. Help!

Shopping online can be a bit daunting and frustrating, especially because you can't actually touch the fabrics and try on the clothes to see how they feel and look on you.

The best thing to do when shopping online would be to familiarize yourself with various types of fabrics. The better you learn and understand about fabrics the more you will be able to figure out the quality of the clothes online without even touching or seeing them.

So how do you do this, you ask? Start in your own closet. Look at your own clothes and read the labels. Take notes on which clothes you like the most, example, which ones drape well on you. Which ones feel comfortable on, which ones keep you warm during the cold weather, which ones keep you cool during the heat and which ones are durable.

After you get familiar with different fabrics make sure you read descriptions and care instructions when shopping online. Then, stick to buying clothes that contain the composition that in your experience is quality.

Another tip would be to take some time and visit stores that sell high end and quality clothes in your area and look at tags and care instructions. Feel the clothes and try them, this will help you understand the fabrics better.

Because we live in a digital world, Utilize videos and images on website and social media. Look at how the clothes moves on the models and influencers, zoom in on pictures as well. This will give you a better idea on how the clothes hang and fit on a real person.

You also want to take note of percentages of fabrics in the clothing description. Whichever fabric has the highest percentage will have the highest impact on the overall quality of your garment. Most clothes will have a mix of the higher quality fabrics with low quality fabrics.

Last but not least, always remember not to take things so seriously but have fun through the experience, shopping online should be a fun and convenient experience.

We hope this helps and in a future post we will answer the second part of this question, which is the difference between polyster and polymade.

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